Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i am a casual blogger

i am a casual blogger. this what jason told me yesterday. i admit that.

i started my first blog for a rather stupid reason. i wanted B to read my blog too, not only the falling-snow (XX, direct translate. a very famous blogger but just another sg Bitx). i started it from xanga.com. 08/19/2004! (oh my god! it's so so long ago )

i dont think i have changed much. i still blog when i want to blog. i still blog when i have something to say or even not. sometimes, i forget to blog (just too lazy to). well, Life still going on. please tell me that my english is improving or at least i dont use those sms-style of short from anyway. sorry for those short forms. even i myself also have problems to read properly. maybe i am not so advance as they all =p

typing full does not waste my time at all. (maybe one day i should blog something like " why not type full when can )

from xanga, i have friendster, i have my blogspot, i have wordpress and i have multiply. i have stopped using xanga for a while. it's just like one of my diaries, especially for someone. for all the reasons, i stopped my updates there. it's okay. we need to know how and when to stop, sometimes.

i do not how to blog properly. i do not earn from blogging (not yet =p) i dont need to wonder what to blog today and what to blog tomorrow and what kind of pictures to take just to amuse my readers.

i take pictures when i want to(all kinds), i upload when i want to..i dont take pictures for everything just to have a topic to write. not to impress anyone.

my blogs are my diaries. my past, my life, my stories. it's okay if i only have boring life and uninteresting stories..

i know you read because you care. thanks for you to be here, reading this blog.

sincerely from a casual blogger like me.

let's us growing mature together =p

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