Wednesday, August 20, 2008

shin... ran away from home.. 20082008

shin chan ran away from home.. 20082008

all the way from 10th floor.. i have no idea how he managed to do so.. went down to search for him, couldnt find him..

hopefully he managed to land properly, all the way from 10th floor. he needs the courage and faith to do so.

believed that he just slipped from the window or balcony. if not, i cant think of any posibilities that he ever thought of flying down, for him being a lazy cat..

i couldnt find him all around the house. i couldnt hear his meow meow no matter how many times i called for him..

he just disappeared.. just like nothing happened before..

i sincerely hope that he just hid somewhere that i couldnt find. i open all the doors just in case he wanted to come out..

well, i didnt hear him knocking my door this morning.. i didnt hear him begging for me to wake up and say good morning to him.. i didnt hear him begging for food and sayang..

i put on a notice in the compound.. just hope that anyone who see him can contact me..

he is a white, brownish, a little bit black fur "balia" cat..with black collar, gold buckle and gold bells.. he seldom meow and usually can only hear his "ring ring ring"..

if you ever see a cat like this, please contact me..

this balia cat does mean something to me..


She's Jess said...

hope the cat will return to you

rainechong said...

still not yet.. he hasnt back yet..
i will still wait for him!