Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a conversation about DREAM & REALITY

i am talking with Trix in MSN. (still chatting now)
we talk about family trip & blah blah blah..i mentioned about wedding and she told me how dream and reality can be so different and i cant stop laughing..

*** 3.C *** says:
*** 3.C *** says:
dream is on sea
*** 3.C *** says:
bt reality maybe on land
*** 3.C *** says:
dream is to marry aaron kwok last time. but reality is to marry vozza mok now
*** 3.C *** says:
hahaaha. dream and reality

ps: she loved Aaron Kwok last time.
about Trix:
trix is my sister.
we grew up together, and will grow old together.
we cried, cry and will cry together;
we argued, argue and will still argue in the future;
we fought, we fight and will fight together (fighting again LIFE);
we gossiped, still gossip and will non-stop gossip
i will be her bridemaid, but she wont (married woman cant be bridemaid. she definitely get married earlier than i do)
i love her and she loves me too!
a girl who loves dog more than babies
a HR Specialist (OL)
artistic and her room is always artistically messy
a small size lady with unlimited talents..
undoubtedly, a shopaholics!!

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Anonymous said...

It's Trix here. 9pm and I'm still in the office. Finally got time to read your blog, I reliased I got so much to catch up on reading. I missed your July and June's posts. I will read your blog more frequently :) I just wanna tell you how much I miss you. I look forward to a trip together anywhere with our loved ones or family. I believe we can do this one day right! I cannot stop laughing when you wrote my room is artisically messy hahaha. You should come see my room now! The work of a infamous artist. Hahaha. I miss you soooo much. Stayhappy okay? Dream and reality, although far-fetched, but I believe they can still be achieved! Strive hard for your dreams :)