Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2 illegal workers (=p)

out of surprises.. my cousin, Wei, followed my uncle to office this morning, dress in shirt (but not formal , with jean dropped to bottock , and half arm-length shirt =p)

he was here to work, part time and only for today at HQ office. he will be back to another office tomorrow. he works as data entry which allow him to online while doing data entry.

when i went to acc dept to look for him, then i know that another cousin, Qi, is also working part time as well. Qi will be based at HQ, acc dept to assist another acc girl. he was sorting receipts then.

they kept complaining that working in office , sorting receipts , billings damn boring. Qi complained that the acc girl non stop passing job for him to do. well, i told them "of course, you are working leh" (something that i didnt tell him is work as account personnel is that boring somewhat =p)

for their first job in their life, i treated them lunch.

they keep asking if they can change to another job like working in warehouse that only requests physical energy rather than using their mind =p


btw, they are somewhat underage.. even though their physical body is big enough =p

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