Sunday, November 23, 2008

i bought a writing table

i went to mid valley again. it's just because it's near and i can get whatever i want (most of the time) even though there are many car parks.. it's still hard to find car park sometimes.

i bought a normal writing table, which costs me RM49.90 ( this the cheaper i can find actually.) carrefour is selling RM68; and i think i m lucky to find this price at jusco for the special discount price.

i feel like i m going back to my school life (secondary school life) because there was a time when my mum purposely asked my uncle to custom made 4 study table for us. my uncle is a good carpenter, because all the 4 tables still in very good condition after 10+ years. there was the 4-6 years i had a proper table to do read, to write , to keep stuff.

during my days at uni, i didn't have a table. the dining table downstair was my study table during my exam time.(luckily my uncle's house has 2 dining tables, 1 for dining; 1 for study). all cousins and me sharing the round marble table if we wanted to do our homework.

that was those days...

hopefully i can fully utilise the table i bought today.. at least not only to put my rubbish =p

ps: but why WRITING TABLE?? nowadays, only students will bought this kind of table..and seriously i think it is not cheap at all

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