Thursday, November 27, 2008


have you aware about this lipton's campaign?? Can You Play The Corporate Game??

yes! the name is long and it's a website which you can have a laugh about the corporate, typical corporate i mean. if you are not, good for you. if you are, just have a laugh and maybe you really can learn from the website.

i've visited the website. and it's fun and educational(somewhat, but not all i would say)

those video are short and fun which made you laugh and you would even need to think of what it really means, the hidden meaning and such. not bad. at least make your brain think a bit.

the tips are quite rubbxxh. if you do what they said, you would be most irritating person in the office! what we called "2 head snake" or "ma pi jing" or " that Bitxh" or " THAT dOg"

i guess you can understand me.

still, no harm visiting the websites and learn..learn to think.

think how you can position yourself in a corporate.. if you are that passion about the job you are doing now, the people you work with, the boss & etc.


me?? well, i think you know the answer. if you dont, you just dont know me that well.

enjoy!... LIPTON.. =p

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