Sunday, November 9, 2008


i can not really said that studying is always better than working. it's depend.

people thinks it's better and simple just because students will get monthly allowance from parents every month. without any worries. sometimes, can even ask for more. it's money we receive without any contributions.

the only bad thing can be just that "they always just give little. where got enough"

well, they do not understand that.. this situation remains the same even when you are working.

for working adults, the salary is the monthly money from hard work, for what you have contributed to the company, sitting in front of computer (provided that you use computer in the office), listening calls from unreasonable customers, got instructions and just followed the order.. no matter what kind of jobs you are doing, salary is what people survive with when they cant get monthly allowance from parents.

people works, because money can buy things that was dreamed of, and desparetely wanted without asking for money from parent and listen to their nags. sound good huh? but it wont stop here.

people asks for more and more... and money never be enough!

we seek for better and more and more.. because we have desires.

wondering if there will be a day that i think i have enough money for everything but not something.. at least i know i am definitely will be in the "NOT ENOUGH" group.

ps: i havent watched the singapore movie "money not enough 2"

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