Thursday, November 27, 2008

are you samatha? i am not

talking about the lipton contest "can you play the corporate game"..besides, online website for tips(not really, some are really useful; some are rubbish. you be the judge yourself), radio advertisement also have it.

i have no idea if you ever came across this "name yourself as samatha" so that your boss can remember you and wont forget you..

why Samantha??? and what about it? i am seriously clueless.

i do know people called Samantha. and i know jane, jessie, joyce, joey, jenny, sammy, sally, even from A-Z. but WHY SAMANTHA???

according to wikipedia. Samantha is a popular female given name!!!

Samantha is also a popular female given name. It might have been intended to be a female form of Samuel with the addition of the female name Anthea.[1] Same is a Hebrew name, and means "heard of" in Aramaic or Hebrew. Samuel means "Heard of" 'same' + the name for God, 'El'. It comes from the story of a barren woman asking God for a son.

we usually called Samantha as SAM. and Sam can be Sam but not Samantha.


i am just curious! that's all. and i am not samantha !!

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