Tuesday, November 18, 2008


today is quite a tired day even though my colleagues and i seemed to be relax at the mines golf resort..

first, we lost our way to the mines. from the office to the mines took us 40minutes. loonggg

second, things supposed to be done have yet to be done. (loonngg story)the golf candidates list supposed to be done by the chairperson secretary (because she said she would do it) not yet done.. (apparently, in spite she is the main in-charge, she doesn't do Anything and act blur & stupid!)

third, we had to wait for the locker list to be ready then we distributed the goodies bag. guess we waited till what time?? well, it's long enough that we decided to enjoy our lunch at the coffee house and took our time enjoy the greeny and lake view of the mines.

the golf coordinator, jo, did help us to done the list before 5pm. if not, we would think that we have to go there early morning to arrange the goodies bag (like 4am??)

carrying the goodies bag is tiring! each of us took about 10+ bag in hand.. suddenly i felt like i m the assistant of fashion show events who in charge of bags (=p) Girl Power!

tomorrow will be an early morning for me.. tee-off time usually very early morning.. i will have to be at the mines at 5.30am.. and i suppose to sleep now

i still have no idea what to wear tomorrow for the fashion show.. but i do not think it really matter.. =p

ps: office politics.. sometimes i really think that it's your luck to work good people!

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