Friday, August 29, 2008

i am suffering from Migrain

i had experienced terrible, horrible pain in my head.. i had to cry to release my emotion, my pain.

went to see doc, he told me i have far, i've no idea why i have this.

let me tell you, this pain is really torturing! no joke!

hope you will never have this in your whole life!

Monday, August 25, 2008



突然, 我想停止了。。也是因為同樣的愚蠢理由。。

或許, 一路走來, 我都莫名其妙在為着別人在生活,一直沒有察覺。。好像自己已經慢慢地,慢慢地被自己遺忘了。。



告訴我, 我該。。閉嘴嗎??

i remember why i started to blog and that's a stupid reason..
suddenly, i feel like to stop.. for the same stupid reason..
perhaps, all the while, i am living under someone shadow,without my realization.. slowly slowly i have forgotten about myself..
no more tears.. and no more laughs..
non stop asking myself for all the "i-dont-know"..
tell me.. should i ...just shut up??


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

shin... ran away from home.. 20082008

shin chan ran away from home.. 20082008

all the way from 10th floor.. i have no idea how he managed to do so.. went down to search for him, couldnt find him..

hopefully he managed to land properly, all the way from 10th floor. he needs the courage and faith to do so.

believed that he just slipped from the window or balcony. if not, i cant think of any posibilities that he ever thought of flying down, for him being a lazy cat..

i couldnt find him all around the house. i couldnt hear his meow meow no matter how many times i called for him..

he just disappeared.. just like nothing happened before..

i sincerely hope that he just hid somewhere that i couldnt find. i open all the doors just in case he wanted to come out..

well, i didnt hear him knocking my door this morning.. i didnt hear him begging for me to wake up and say good morning to him.. i didnt hear him begging for food and sayang..

i put on a notice in the compound.. just hope that anyone who see him can contact me..

he is a white, brownish, a little bit black fur "balia" cat..with black collar, gold buckle and gold bells.. he seldom meow and usually can only hear his "ring ring ring"..

if you ever see a cat like this, please contact me..

this balia cat does mean something to me..

Friday, August 15, 2008


hey.. i woke up and i am working now..

so no worries..

just emotions played fool yesterday..

to wake myself up .. and another one for you too


tonight... i wanna cry to sleep..

beers with me.. no worries..

oyasumi nasai

Thursday, August 14, 2008

ajisen ramen @ one utama

to Ajisen Ramen@One utama..

1. chasiu ramen (it's written on the menu, already localized =p)
2. spicy peking duck ramen (of course not peking duck, just normal roast duck. and up to malaysian standard of spicy.. just that it TOO SPICY for me! i dont take spicy food anyway =p)

still nice ramen because the ramen still fresh.. =) (thumb up!)

as i know, there are 2 outlets at klang valley. 1 is located at One Utama; 1 at Sunway New Wing.

at malaysia, you do not have much choices for good taste ramen.. get the fact right that even japanese restaurants do not serve yummy ramen. at least Ajisen still not too bad!

p/s: i really seafood ramen at sg ajisen ramen , a set come together with side dish.. sorry ah. you can get that at malaysia.. they do not do "set"

p/s 1: do not believe the local website. it is not so true.. even the homepage also cheat you.. (there is no seafood ramen in the menu!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

car pak bay was parked by " bo ta che" people

staying at condominium or apartment which means you are abided with rules& regulations that you pay to control yourself. (somewhat)

for condo/apartment residence, it is common that you have your own parking bay for 1 car to park permanently (this depend. some condo actually allow one bay for more cars as long as the cars belong to this unit and provided that no complains) Usually, for extra cars, you just need to rent a car pak bay from the management. some condo are built with limited car pary bays. that's the reason why many cars just park outside condo compound because no car park bay to park)

something very frasturated that some people just anyhow park at other's car park bay even though they know that that car park bay does not allow his car to park.

this just tell me how selfish people are sometimes. it doesnt matter how high level of your education, it got nothing to do if you are rich or your are poor , it definitely has no relationship for race, nationarity and which car you drive.

my car pak bay was parked by some irresponsible people! it left at 7 plus. hell would i know how long the car has parked there! i've no choice i have to park at another car park bay. apparently this car didnt register too(security problem) and they are so reluctant to clamp the car too. oh ya, the security group of security are friendly security. (TOO FRIENDLY!)

sian! angry!

really do not how the car driver got his coffee licience. park also dont know how to park. the back makan 2 car park bays. (dont know how my neighbour's honda crv parked his car..)

this kind of selfish people.. dont let me know that this car parks at my car park bay again. if not...

SELFISH and UGLY PEOPLE! btw, this kind of people we called as "BO TA CHE" (hokkien as no study)

ps: i went down 7+ , wanted to take the pictures and announced to the world. well, i think the car owner was lucky. he/she left before that.. if not..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i am a casual blogger

i am a casual blogger. this what jason told me yesterday. i admit that.

i started my first blog for a rather stupid reason. i wanted B to read my blog too, not only the falling-snow (XX, direct translate. a very famous blogger but just another sg Bitx). i started it from 08/19/2004! (oh my god! it's so so long ago )

i dont think i have changed much. i still blog when i want to blog. i still blog when i have something to say or even not. sometimes, i forget to blog (just too lazy to). well, Life still going on. please tell me that my english is improving or at least i dont use those sms-style of short from anyway. sorry for those short forms. even i myself also have problems to read properly. maybe i am not so advance as they all =p

typing full does not waste my time at all. (maybe one day i should blog something like " why not type full when can )

from xanga, i have friendster, i have my blogspot, i have wordpress and i have multiply. i have stopped using xanga for a while. it's just like one of my diaries, especially for someone. for all the reasons, i stopped my updates there. it's okay. we need to know how and when to stop, sometimes.

i do not how to blog properly. i do not earn from blogging (not yet =p) i dont need to wonder what to blog today and what to blog tomorrow and what kind of pictures to take just to amuse my readers.

i take pictures when i want to(all kinds), i upload when i want to..i dont take pictures for everything just to have a topic to write. not to impress anyone.

my blogs are my diaries. my past, my life, my stories. it's okay if i only have boring life and uninteresting stories..

i know you read because you care. thanks for you to be here, reading this blog.

sincerely from a casual blogger like me.

let's us growing mature together =p

Saturday, August 9, 2008

RIP Bernie Mac 09082008

Bernie Mac, an actor and comedian who starred in the "Ocean's Eleven" film franchise and "The Bernie Mac Show," a rare network comedy to feature an African American in a leading role, died Saturday. He was 50.

Mac died from complications related to pneumonia in a Chicago-area hospital, announced his publicist, Danica,0,5939603.story

Friday, August 8, 2008


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Beijing Olympics 20080808 (Made in China ) =p

leaving..mandy is leaving the company..

i've 1 cute, pretty and lovely colleague is leaving today.. she is someone who you feel comfortable to be with her..

just too bad that she doesnt have a nice boss..

well, the world is big !! and hopefully she can get a job that doesnt need to work on saturday =p

all the best to you, my nice colleague, Mandy =)

p/s: she is the first and coming for meiling.. sigh..

Thursday, August 7, 2008


thinking of life again.. question myself repeatedly for the same questions to the same anwers that i can not answer..

i can not stand myself!

i wont watch that opening.. because i dont have astro.. and i am not interested.. many ppl got married today?? good luck.. so?? not me who got married anyway


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a conversation about DREAM & REALITY

i am talking with Trix in MSN. (still chatting now)
we talk about family trip & blah blah blah..i mentioned about wedding and she told me how dream and reality can be so different and i cant stop laughing..

*** 3.C *** says:
*** 3.C *** says:
dream is on sea
*** 3.C *** says:
bt reality maybe on land
*** 3.C *** says:
dream is to marry aaron kwok last time. but reality is to marry vozza mok now
*** 3.C *** says:
hahaaha. dream and reality

ps: she loved Aaron Kwok last time.
about Trix:
trix is my sister.
we grew up together, and will grow old together.
we cried, cry and will cry together;
we argued, argue and will still argue in the future;
we fought, we fight and will fight together (fighting again LIFE);
we gossiped, still gossip and will non-stop gossip
i will be her bridemaid, but she wont (married woman cant be bridemaid. she definitely get married earlier than i do)
i love her and she loves me too!
a girl who loves dog more than babies
a HR Specialist (OL)
artistic and her room is always artistically messy
a small size lady with unlimited talents..
undoubtedly, a shopaholics!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

i want to watch this!!

I WANT TO WATCH THIS i want to watch this i want to watch WALL-E& EVE Looking forward to this movie..
if you have been to cinema for movie recently, you sure will catch the promotion trailer/clip about privated dvd.. it's so funny..
"WALL-E is the only one still truly living. And what is the ultimate purpose of living? To love. And WALL-E falls head over heels with a robot named EVE. "
"Life is nothing but imperfection and the computer likes perfection, so we spent probably 90% of our time putting in all of the imperfections... ... ... we tried to put those imperfections [into the virtual camera] so that everything looks like you're in familiar [live-action] territory."
by Andrew Stanton (Director and Writer of Wall-E)