Thursday, November 27, 2008

are you samatha? i am not

talking about the lipton contest "can you play the corporate game"..besides, online website for tips(not really, some are really useful; some are rubbish. you be the judge yourself), radio advertisement also have it.

i have no idea if you ever came across this "name yourself as samatha" so that your boss can remember you and wont forget you..

why Samantha??? and what about it? i am seriously clueless.

i do know people called Samantha. and i know jane, jessie, joyce, joey, jenny, sammy, sally, even from A-Z. but WHY SAMANTHA???

according to wikipedia. Samantha is a popular female given name!!!

Samantha is also a popular female given name. It might have been intended to be a female form of Samuel with the addition of the female name Anthea.[1] Same is a Hebrew name, and means "heard of" in Aramaic or Hebrew. Samuel means "Heard of" 'same' + the name for God, 'El'. It comes from the story of a barren woman asking God for a son.

we usually called Samantha as SAM. and Sam can be Sam but not Samantha.


i am just curious! that's all. and i am not samantha !!


have you aware about this lipton's campaign?? Can You Play The Corporate Game??

yes! the name is long and it's a website which you can have a laugh about the corporate, typical corporate i mean. if you are not, good for you. if you are, just have a laugh and maybe you really can learn from the website.

i've visited the website. and it's fun and educational(somewhat, but not all i would say)

those video are short and fun which made you laugh and you would even need to think of what it really means, the hidden meaning and such. not bad. at least make your brain think a bit.

the tips are quite rubbxxh. if you do what they said, you would be most irritating person in the office! what we called "2 head snake" or "ma pi jing" or " that Bitxh" or " THAT dOg"

i guess you can understand me.

still, no harm visiting the websites and learn..learn to think.

think how you can position yourself in a corporate.. if you are that passion about the job you are doing now, the people you work with, the boss & etc.


me?? well, i think you know the answer. if you dont, you just dont know me that well.

enjoy!... LIPTON.. =p

Sunday, November 23, 2008

i bought a writing table

i went to mid valley again. it's just because it's near and i can get whatever i want (most of the time) even though there are many car parks.. it's still hard to find car park sometimes.

i bought a normal writing table, which costs me RM49.90 ( this the cheaper i can find actually.) carrefour is selling RM68; and i think i m lucky to find this price at jusco for the special discount price.

i feel like i m going back to my school life (secondary school life) because there was a time when my mum purposely asked my uncle to custom made 4 study table for us. my uncle is a good carpenter, because all the 4 tables still in very good condition after 10+ years. there was the 4-6 years i had a proper table to do read, to write , to keep stuff.

during my days at uni, i didn't have a table. the dining table downstair was my study table during my exam time.(luckily my uncle's house has 2 dining tables, 1 for dining; 1 for study). all cousins and me sharing the round marble table if we wanted to do our homework.

that was those days...

hopefully i can fully utilise the table i bought today.. at least not only to put my rubbish =p

ps: but why WRITING TABLE?? nowadays, only students will bought this kind of table..and seriously i think it is not cheap at all

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Malaysia outlaws yoga for Muslims

Malaysia outlaws yoga for Muslims

By Robin Brant
BBC News, Kuala Lumpur

A Chinese man practices yoga at a yoga center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Many people see yoga as a way to maintain their health

Millions of people in Malaysia have been banned from doing yoga because of fears it could corrupt Muslims.

The Islamic authorities have issued a ruling, known as a fatwa, instructing the country's Muslims to avoid yoga because of its Hindu roots.

To most people yoga is simply a sport - a stress-busting start to the day.

Malaysia's National Fatwa Council said it goes further than that and that elements of the Indian religion are inherent in yoga.

Announcing the decision, the council chairman Abdul Shukor Husin said practices like chanting and what he called worshipping were inappropriate and they could "destroy the faith of a Muslim".

The ruling is not legally binding but many of Malaysia's Muslims abide by fatwas.

Yoga classes here are filled with mostly non-Muslim Malaysians of Chinese or Indian descent, but in the major cities it is not uncommon to see several Muslim women at classes.

Prayers and gym

For Muslims across Malaysia the day starts at 5.30 in the morning, as the call to prayer goes out.

A handful of the most devout arrive at a mosque in the western outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

A Hindu holy man performs yoga postures during the Ardh Kumbh Mela festival in Allahabad, India (file photo)
In India, yoga is an integral part of the Hindu religion

Over the other side of the road, in the shadow of the Mosque's golden dome, a few others start arriving to start their day - at the gym.

Each is carrying a yoga mat, slung over their shoulder.

Adam Junid is a Muslim Malaysian who does both - prayers and gym, specifically yoga.

An engineer in his 30s, he goes to a weekly class for about 30 people.

"I don't think it interferes with the religion at all," he says.

"In fact it helps you, makes you healthy and more aligned and it helps you become self aware," he adds.

Adam is a rarity because it is mostly women and not many Muslims who do this.

Islam is able to cater to the needs of Muslims - spiritual needs, intellectual needs and other needs, material needs - there is no need to bring in elements from outside
Professor Osman Bakar

"The yoga masters repeat that it actually can be quite compatible with religion," he said. "It makes you a better person."

Yoga comes in many forms. For some it is a stress-busting sport. For others a serious bit of soul searching.

What Adam does once a week is the serious stuff. The class I sat in on was two hours long.

Spiritual experience

It included breathing exercises, with the help of the tick-tock of a metronome.

There was meditation, then half an hour of darkness for intense relaxation.

Before that some of the class managed a very stable headstand. Others could touch the back of their head with their foot.

"It can go with any religion," instructor Mani Sekaran told me.

"Or it can go with those who don't believe in any religion, because it's purely sports," he added.

He is also founder of the Malaysian Yoga Society. A bald and very fit man, he once did martial arts.

"If I want to train for an Olympic gold medal... whether I believe in a religion or not doesn't matter. I just keep on training."

Man at a mosque in Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia is a secular democracy where Islam is the official religion

"Based on that we can use yoga to enhance whatever we are doing, whether it is religion or whether it's spirituality... but it [yoga] is stand alone."

During the class I sat in on, yoga's Hindu roots were mentioned, albeit briefly. A spiritual experience was on offer for those who wanted it.

This is the point where some Muslims in Malaysia worry about yoga. They think it is encroaching on their way of life.

One Muslim student told me that she combined yoga techniques with prayers. That concerns some Islamic experts.

"If people want to practice yoga, the physical exercise, I think that is no problem," Professor Osman Bakar, from Malaysia's Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, told me.

"Many Muslims would say fine. But they would object to the mixing of the two things."

"Islam is a complete way of life. Islam is able to cater to the needs of Muslims; spiritual needs, intellectual needs and other needs, material needs. So there is no need to bring in elements from outside," he added.

Adam's yoga class ended with a quick discussion about self-awareness, concentration and why people do yoga. I was not sure if this was a weekly occurrence or for my benefit.

He told me that yoga has made him a better person. He has no plans to stop.


i am happy not to be a Mxxxx so that i still can practise yoga anytime i want to.. sometimes, it's just TOO MUCH!

i pity you for not being able to do yoga again!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


today is quite a tired day even though my colleagues and i seemed to be relax at the mines golf resort..

first, we lost our way to the mines. from the office to the mines took us 40minutes. loonggg

second, things supposed to be done have yet to be done. (loonngg story)the golf candidates list supposed to be done by the chairperson secretary (because she said she would do it) not yet done.. (apparently, in spite she is the main in-charge, she doesn't do Anything and act blur & stupid!)

third, we had to wait for the locker list to be ready then we distributed the goodies bag. guess we waited till what time?? well, it's long enough that we decided to enjoy our lunch at the coffee house and took our time enjoy the greeny and lake view of the mines.

the golf coordinator, jo, did help us to done the list before 5pm. if not, we would think that we have to go there early morning to arrange the goodies bag (like 4am??)

carrying the goodies bag is tiring! each of us took about 10+ bag in hand.. suddenly i felt like i m the assistant of fashion show events who in charge of bags (=p) Girl Power!

tomorrow will be an early morning for me.. tee-off time usually very early morning.. i will have to be at the mines at 5.30am.. and i suppose to sleep now

i still have no idea what to wear tomorrow for the fashion show.. but i do not think it really matter.. =p

ps: office politics.. sometimes i really think that it's your luck to work good people!

Monday, November 10, 2008

happy birthday .. ah dao

happy birthday ahdao.. 57 years old! ( but he claimed to be 56 only =p) and enjoy your choco walnut and cheese cakes!

last friday - my dinner

last friday i had dinner myself at home.. luckily i had my japanese curry which i cooked myself =p


Sunday, November 9, 2008


i can not really said that studying is always better than working. it's depend.

people thinks it's better and simple just because students will get monthly allowance from parents every month. without any worries. sometimes, can even ask for more. it's money we receive without any contributions.

the only bad thing can be just that "they always just give little. where got enough"

well, they do not understand that.. this situation remains the same even when you are working.

for working adults, the salary is the monthly money from hard work, for what you have contributed to the company, sitting in front of computer (provided that you use computer in the office), listening calls from unreasonable customers, got instructions and just followed the order.. no matter what kind of jobs you are doing, salary is what people survive with when they cant get monthly allowance from parents.

people works, because money can buy things that was dreamed of, and desparetely wanted without asking for money from parent and listen to their nags. sound good huh? but it wont stop here.

people asks for more and more... and money never be enough!

we seek for better and more and more.. because we have desires.

wondering if there will be a day that i think i have enough money for everything but not something.. at least i know i am definitely will be in the "NOT ENOUGH" group.

ps: i havent watched the singapore movie "money not enough 2"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Deepest Condolences to Grandpa Thye

Zi msg me yesterday and told me that her grandpa passed away yesterday.


it was years ago since i met him. even though he was quite weak, he still talked with us.. or we just talked to him.

it is so sudden and sad.

hope his life will be wonderful at another world as well

good bye, grandpa thye.

p/s: i really hate this kind of feeling =(

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

happy birthday.. dad

Happy Birthday Dad!

loving you.. and thanks for everything!

2 illegal workers (=p)

out of surprises.. my cousin, Wei, followed my uncle to office this morning, dress in shirt (but not formal , with jean dropped to bottock , and half arm-length shirt =p)

he was here to work, part time and only for today at HQ office. he will be back to another office tomorrow. he works as data entry which allow him to online while doing data entry.

when i went to acc dept to look for him, then i know that another cousin, Qi, is also working part time as well. Qi will be based at HQ, acc dept to assist another acc girl. he was sorting receipts then.

they kept complaining that working in office , sorting receipts , billings damn boring. Qi complained that the acc girl non stop passing job for him to do. well, i told them "of course, you are working leh" (something that i didnt tell him is work as account personnel is that boring somewhat =p)

for their first job in their life, i treated them lunch.

they keep asking if they can change to another job like working in warehouse that only requests physical energy rather than using their mind =p


btw, they are somewhat underage.. even though their physical body is big enough =p