Tuesday, January 1, 2008


happy 2008! being the first day of 2008, just cheer for a good year ahead!

this year, oh last year actually. i had a quiet and peaceful evening on both christmas eve and new year eve. i basically rot at home. did nothing and just watched dvd. a very different way for me. the quiet moments calm me. hope you guys had a great evening.

pardon me for all the missed calls and no reply msg. thanks for your greetings. when i write it here, it will remain =)

31/12/07, 2.57pm, michelle aka strawberry (hey, surprisingly she is the first)
31/12/07, 5.58pm, angel kajie
31/12/07, 6.12pm, william cheng aka william boy
31/12/07, 7.19pm, chris
31/12/07, 8.18pm, wilson cheang
31/12/07, 8.40pm, cynthia
31/12/07, 8.48pm, sze ting
31/12/07, 10.20pm, liang waah
31/12/07, 10.26pm, caryn
31/12/07, 11.31pm, adrian foo
31/12/07, 11.34pm, kc
31/12/07, 11.59pm, lawrence law
01/01/08, 2.51am, zhun
01/01/08, 4.45am, steven
01/01/08, 11.16am, david chong

let's laugh for all the tears and fears we had for the past years. this is the past that make us to be what we are now. all of those do not matter now.

be grateful and be hopeful.

let's laugh for 2008!

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