Sunday, January 13, 2008

i lose a friend, somewhat

i lose a friend, somewhat. what i mean somewhat because this guy still alive, not a dead one. i lose him because he is not he anymore.

you feel sad when you lose something, do not even talk about a human being. in case, disappointment is more than sad. he is still alive. i will be more sad if he is dead. so no sad for this cases so he is alive =p

love is wonderful.being in relationship with love is absolutely wonderful. this i totally agree.

i first felt happy for this friend as he finally found his love after years of searching. it is so great if someone you care with someone he cares and someone who cares about him. this is beautiful, no doubt. the next minutes, i find out this friend has become someone else for what happen to him and what he does. a person that i do not know anymore. and, i question myself if i am the one who change or he is the one who change. very obvious, i am not in for this case.

i am so disappointed. because he has lost himself. and, people change, all the time, for the good one and for the bad one. this depend.

before, he is someone i feel secure with, someone i can trust and someone i can share with. i told him quite a number of stuff that i do not tell anybody else(maybe with ah boon). he is this kind of friend. here, i do not criticize that relationship kills a person. this is more like individual cases. relationship will not kill you if you stand for you who are. see, who has strong core characters will not change because of relationship or what who are mature enough not to change for who he is except for habits, like bring along partners when out for yumcha or spending more time with partner at home or outside. that 's about it. and for sake, do not lost own self. however, most people do change for a narrow one, sad to say so.

now, i do not think that i will disturb him anymore. still friend of course but not someone that i feel secure with anymore =(

friends come and go. friends play important role in life, this is something that we all know. we all need friends for reasons. i believe that when life cycle goes, friends will change, come and go, come and go.

hope that the girl will not screw him up. even so, nothing i can do. this is a lesson. life lesson we all need to go through.

good luck! as long as he is happy. still he has my blessed, deep down in my heart.

ps: thanks for always be with me, boon.

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