Monday, January 7, 2008

we lose our mind, sometimes.

on and of, I'll hide myself. hiding does not mean i will find a place and hide. or i would say "missing-in-action".

people who knows me will understand that i am positive outer and negative inner. i do not think same as what my face tells you. i always surprised people with how i think,normally it's always the bad side. i am not a very knowledgeable girl. i do not impress people when i talk. it's absolute normal if you find my conversation to be empty and plain.

sometimes, people like me, always got depressed by something easily. it can be a song, a movie, a picture even a number, anything ridiculous things you can name. basically, nobody can help. recovery takes times and/or money. some serious who need to talk to doctor. a doctor can listen to you and give you medicine, what we so called "psychologist"; some not serious(like me)just look for our own ways to release. each individuals has their own way.

for me, there will be no certain way. i can be at home do nothing or do anything. i can go out to buy stuff (buying philosophy works sometimes). i can go to Starbucks/coffee beans order a hot latte and read book or play psp(not mine. borrow one) and lazy the whole evening. the worst, I'll workout and cry myself to sleep. when my body is freaking tired, it's absolutely easy to cry to sleep.

i do not know how to encourage a friend who is in depression now. it's absolutely too personal to ask for anything.(by the way, i do not ask and i do not expect people to ask too. I'll tell when i want to) there is no right way to say anything. still, i wanna him to know, we are just a call away. it's okay for what you are right now as long as this made you feel alive. laugh when you want to laugh, cry when you want to cry, hide when you want to hide.

when emotion over mind, it's just too much to say anything.

we lose our mind too, sometimes.

we do not need words to get well by. it's too far way for what words can easily do.

p/s: pardon me for all the missed called and no reply msg when I'm lost.

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