Wednesday, January 2, 2008

yesterday and today

for some stupid reasons, i blamed ppl for not a valid reason and/or evidence. i jumped into conclusion without even think. when you got pissed, you will find all the reasons to make you yourself feel better. haha.. this what i did yesterday night when i could not find my bowl. my bowl = a bowl belongs to me myself. it is okay for him or for her to use it. but remember to put it back after use right. do not put it back never mind, still ask me for bowl. = . = ! he knew i was damn pissed at the moment i could not find my bowl and i knew there is no reason to misplace my bowl(because i seldom use it and im sure the bowl was in the cupboard last week when i cooked). just so so coincidence that she moved out this week. what lah? do not expect me to put a straight face and do not expect me to say something good okay. it is a cheap bowl. so what? this doesnt mean ppl will not take your cheapo stuff right? so what happened was i thought she took it when she moved out.

oh okay. fine. it is my fault to jump into conclusion too fast without searching for any proof. luckily he found my bowl and returned to me.. anyway, i cursed the one who took my bowl.. so ..

i m sorry,R & J.


had a craving for beef recently, something very hard to explain.

for this craving, i suggested to go korean bbq today with my coworkers. uncle lim always brings us out for food. he brought us to this Nak Wok at korean village(ampang). just that, this korean bbq restaurant does not serve the favoured tea(some sort of grain tea).
very full for lunch..

i had korean bbq again for dinner!!

1 day 2 meals 2 korean bbq.. haha..

tomorrow.. i wanna go for fruit diet.. i wanna go to buy fruits and only eat fruits..

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