Wednesday, January 9, 2008

after we die. . .

where will we be when we are not alive??

i have been bothered with this stupid question the whole evening. yes, it is absolutely stupid to keep mingling with this in my mind. we all know, there will be no answer. i do not take into consideration for any religion stories here.

in malaysia, malay have to be in islam(i m sorry, malays do not have a choice to choose, born to be). chinese and indians always have more choices to choose. i, as a chinese, can either be into taism or buddhism if i do not choose any other religions.

this is confusing for definition of death for both taoism and buddhism. one believes to go UP and one can go DOWN. Up means in Nirvana(heaven)(i do not mean Nirvana S/B here okay. no offence at all); down means Hell.

if you are in buddhism, with your karma, you will be with Buddha at Nirvana. then you will be another Buddhas, REBORN with your spirit and never ever will physically alive again.

if you believe in taism style, with your karma, you will be in either Heaven, Human Life, Asura, Hungry Ghost, Animals, Hell and reborn.

so what if we stuck in the middle and where will we be?? where will we be?? do our altars offered with flowers and fruits or with joss stick and hell bank notes??
where our souls will be? how funny it will be for my family has to trouble for what to offer to my soul when i am not alive..

i am thinking hard..

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