Friday, October 17, 2008

2 car accidents in a month..

i just knocked my was just an accident. (well, i believe that people will not knock the car purposely, unless for some reasons which i dont know)

it's fortunate enough that nobody is hurt,just had a shock..

it happened when i was at the tmn connaught, mcd juction. i was on my way back.. it rained..and both of the car drivers could not see others. if not i believe either of us would stop the car if possible..

the front is the serious part. the light came out, the bumper went out, the front broke(crack to say out), the cover came out..

i have no idea how much i m going to pay now..

it is the 2nd accidents in a month.. what's more?? touch wood!

i have Rits Cheese now.. to have cheese make me feel slightly better..

i am not going to curse; i m not going to angry; just sigh.. and hope that nothing more serious will happen again..

Drive carefully!!

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