Friday, October 3, 2008

my first day of raya holidays 01102008

i had a happy but sad holidays for the past 2 days holidays..

i spent my first day with my parents who came here to visit grandmum before she left to china(she left to china yesterday). dad just loves to sit at the garden while i was bathing for skeaper. no matter how many times they called him for lunch, he just ignored and took full concentration to read the ABK booklets. mum said he just paise to sit together with yee's new gf(who is also my utar junior even though different faculty =p)

あの可愛人、私のお父さんです。。たい好きよう ^_^

besides, i had my first time visit to open house to my malay-chinese mixed classmate. his house was so crowded with friends and relatives. the surprise to know that all the relatives dressed up with traditional malay style clothes (young, old, man & women). and had enjoy malay n western food. at least got ketupat, satay sauce, rendang for malay style food and mac n cheese, inari sushi too. well, everybody just enjoy watching japanese tv programs. (ya, the whole family quite into japanese style!) Eileen was with me too. 

later on, i went to together with jason , al and his lovely girls. they went to buy Wii n Keyboard (music type) for the girls. the two little girls are so cute. so envy they can play piano.. girls like me who lack of music sense can only listen , cant play >_<

well, i didnt buy anything that day okay.

Fun! enjoyable day!

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