Friday, October 10, 2008

to J, frm J

to J,

i am angry!!

i just dont want to talk. i think this is my way of protesting and by right now you should know it and you know i will choose to sleep in the living room instead..

i know that you are happy that miyabi is back today. and you feel bad that if the workshop ppl will have to wait for you to close the shop..

But, i do have to work, still.

you called during lunch time when i was at leisure mall with colleague and i ready made my order. it was 1.30pm. for your information, my lunch time from 1pm-2pm. Im sorry that i rejected your offer and wanted you to come to fetch me after work instead. because i do need to work.. i m sorry that my work is not as flexible as you thought it is and too bad that we are not the same boss too that allow you to leave and go any time you just got pissed because i didnt come down earlier so that you can reach there earlier to collect my car.. then i m sorry because i am totally pissed off because of the reason that pissed you off.

if you forget that i still need to work.. then let me remind you again, i do need to work especially during office hours.

you are the one who say i should not take my work / working hour for granted.. but you want me to disappear for 1-2 hours because you dont want the workshop ppl to wait when the workshop only closes at 6?? ?? ??

i am pissed!

btw, your bihun doesnt help to make me feel better. it just made me full..

i am still pissed!!

frm, J


christine~紫雨~ said...

who is tat made u so pissed?ur husband?However,forget it....

rainechong said...

haiyo kawan.. when you hear that i am married?

i am still single n available =p

christine~紫雨~ said...


rainechong said...
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