Monday, October 13, 2008

sister is in hospital 13/10/2008

yen had her ever first operation yesterday for her nose problem..and fortunately, the operation is a successful one.

she has been suffering for a long long time, since small actually. dad brought her here and there for all kind of treatments, traditional one and western med treatments.. i even remember that dad brought her to one of those chinese traditional household treatment that she breathed in some kind of air and supposedly there would be some kind insects (called it insects because i really have no idea what specis or name that is) coming out from the nose. Weird? well, it's always alternative treatments available around.. no matter how advance the modern med technology is, people still seek for alternative treatments.

if you ask me if i do believe on alternative treatments, yes but not fully.

called mum yesterday that the operation took 2 hours and 30 minutes. it was long. she and chean were patiently waiting outside the operation ward and worried as well.

Dad was in layang yesterday during the operation time. He travelled from layang to jb to visit her after work. he took public transport. people who know where i come from will know that how kampung my kampung is.. he had to ask someone to fetch him to the main road which is 20km away and took public transport, bus to the johor bahru bus station and took taxi..

tried to call just now.. but mum didnt pick up..they should be in the hospital with yen. doctor said she can be discharged by tomorrow, wednesday.

hope she is doing good..

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妮妮 ♫ said...

Glad to know tat the operation is successful.

Take care and wish tat ur sis will be healthy from now on.