Friday, October 3, 2008

one day trip to bukit tinggi. the happy one and the sad one 02102008

for the very first time we decided to go for a One day trip to Bukit Tinggi for breakfast/lunch and Coffee at genting.

we woke up on time and the journey to Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills Resort  was fun. we didnt do any research on it just because both of us went to that place before. we actually lost of way there and ended up to this bukit tinggi kampung. apparently, bukit tinggi just means bukit tinggi kampung. Berjaya Hills Resort is what we called French Village.

we reached bukit tinggi ard 1. it was crowded with holidays crowd. it doesnt change much since my last visits years ago. the geese still there, the restaurants, the swimming pools, the hotels & etc.  it's hot there. so i would say rather good weather. the hotel reception was full of people who wanted to check in. at least the ladies was crowded.

with luck and no luck, i met with ken there together wi
th his group of friends who drive 2 doors race cars (they were so noisy and kept showing off their cars like horning & etc. 煩い!and they are just normal ppl.. . well whoever drives 2-doors race car doesnt mean to be beautiful guys like anime)

wanted to have simple lunch for pizza and spag. it was so full. wanted to try another restaurants for simple set meal, no tables available and it's just understand the sun. ended up, we chose the proper fine dining. 

the food was good! we ordered seafood for our mountain trip =p it was raining while we were enjoying our tasty lunch.

we left shortly after our lunch to head genting for our coffee. it was 3 plus. the road was wet after rained. 

on the way down, our car lost balance, slipped and hit the side bar. the tayars were gone that we couldn't continue the journey. we had to stop and 
called for help. after many calls, the insurance co managed to arrange a tow services from kl to bukit tinggi for a costs of RM350. 

we had no choice but wait for rescue.. 

there was nothing much for us to do. cars were going up and down. we played psp, ate junk food, on-off aircon, down the cars to see ants, took pictures and waited.. when natural called, we answered.. it was so awkward  well, we nurture back the natural =p

ard 6, the tow car finally came. hurray! all the way back to kl. and 

we could not decide whether we should c
laim the insurance or not. we towed the car back to the garage that jason usually goes.  the kelvin guy actually drove us back to tmn desa. (thank you)

once reached home, we decided to order pizza for our dinner. and i enjoyed my hot shower..

it was 9 plus. good food and such an expensive coffee that we yet to enjoy =( we are lucky that we are not hurt even though the car is seriously damaged. 

sorry miyabi! >_< 

such an unforgettable holiday.. oh , my road trip to bukit tinggi..

ps: you know what.. the car plate actually won the Special Price on Toto on 011008 which is before the trip and before the incident. well, we dont buy anyway =(
we decide that we will buy the car plate every times before we go for any road trip. 


KY said...

did i see scallops?!?!

rainechong said...

yes, it is..
that's why i said i went to mountain for seafood..