Monday, October 6, 2008

my experience to ffnnnn regarding the bitter milk -Dont Buy Bloated Fresh Milk

today, i wrote a letter to ffnnnn regarding the bitter fresh milk that i had.

firstly, i was impressed with the forum section they have to share recipes. well, you have to log in to become a member first. if you thought that you would be able to post your own recipes, dream on. they only available for "VIEW".

for any inquiries, you have to fill-in the "Contact Us". my letter is just a simple letter to ask them if it's normal for them to receive complaints regarding Bitter Milk and show my disappointments.

Well, i would say, the customer service is fast! within a hour, i received email reply from them to ask me regarding the bitter milk and asked for my contact number ( i think it's fair enough for vertification purposes.)

later on i received call from the customer service officer (let's call her Ms Ng). she explained to me that the super market does not have a good fridge which can maintain the freshness of the fresh milk. that's why the fresh milk is bitter ( ?? ?? then????) and sour. actually, sour i can understand but bitterness i dont.

the advice from this pro is that DO NOT BUY PACKS THAT ALREADY BLOATED. if you buy, then please finish within 2 days. ( but mine was newly open)

later on, Ms Ng requested for my information. and the conversation just ended with my personal information.

There is no other information she provided or whatsoever.

if this happen at other countiries, i think this ffnnnn will have a very hard time because they most probably receive sue cases from the public regarding this. At Malaysia, who cares!

i wonder if there is any more following-ups forn the case. Malaysia customer service yet to reach another proactive level, more improvement to go.. just that..

i doubt it.

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