Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bitter Fresh Milk

have you ever tried bitter fresh milk?? yes, i mean bitter which literally just mean bitter.

the bottle of milk which bought few days ago from the nearby market. it's stated clearly that it has yet to reach the expiry date. and it havent been opened yet. the expiry date stated clearly as 09102008;today only 04102008.

i mixed the cereals with the milk, had a bite of it.. i thought my taste bud got problem too. IT IS BITTER MILK!


i have no idea how this Fresh milk turns into Bitter Milk..

if i had food poisoning, then i will know what happen to me. and i will definitely bring the bag of cereals+ milk with me to the hospital. (touch wood! touch wood!)

i dont think i will buy this brand anymore. i used to drink this brand quite alot last time.. =(

bye bye ffnnnn (you know what, right?)


ahkiong said...

You have to be careful. Ddidnt u heard the news from china regarding the what what virus

rainechong said...

well, that i am not worries.. as i believe as reports that malaysia dairy still fine..
thanks for that anyway..

that's why i drink GoodDay as proudly "product of malaysia "